GIS Analysis

Precision Farming

A GIS Service was rendered to Precision Farming Consultants. The associated consultants offered a Precision Farming Service where, through analysis, they were able to accurately identify deficiencies in the farmer’s soils. More specifically, they were able to identify where these deficiencies where and what needed to be done/applied to correct those deficiencies.


GIS activities included in this project include

  • Processing field data obtained by consultant.
  • Processing results of sample data received from the Laboratory after analysis.
  • Using GIS to present the results of the sample data


Precision Farming is a means by which farmers be made to understand the status of their soils. In understanding the condition of their soils, famers can then work on optimising their soils to maximise the yield of their crops. In addition, where previously farmers would apply a ‘blanket’ treatment of Lime or Acid to their entire land, farmers can now be pointed to specific areas inside their lands where treatment needs to be applied, thus saving the farmer potentially significant input costs.