Jackets are small projects that deal with the supply of electricity to a single customer. Jackets can consists of either Medium Voltage or Low Voltage reticulation, or both.


GIS activities included in this project include

  • Route Selection, which includes finding the most optimal route to the intended supply point.
  • Route Negotiation, which includes obtaining consent from each of the property owners that the proposed line may cross.
  • Environmental Screening, which includes doing a brief screening of the potential environmental impact (in conjunction with the property owner).
  • Route Survey, which includes the survey, design and pegging of the proposed line.
  • Application for Consent from various statutory bodies, which includes making applications to DOT for road crossings or to DAFF for tree cutting permits, etc.


Jackets are designed to be quick turn-around projects where electrical supply is delivered within 90 days of the customer application. The surveyors role occurs at about day 10, and has to be completed and submitted within a short amount of time in order to facilitate sufficient time for the construction of the line within the 90 day period.