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Pride in Each Service

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are a fundamental requirement for any design, whether it be for an Architect or a Engineer. We are experienced at producing topographic or detail plans which depict: contours (generated from field data); infrastructure and natural features.

Rural Power Line Design Surveys

We undertake the survey and design of Rural Powerlines -more specifically Medium and Low Voltage Powerlines. These projects include the following tasks: route selection, property owner negotiations, environmental screening, route profiling, powerline design (to Eskom standard), cad draughting and design setting out. We have completed all the various types of rural powerline surveys, ranging from Minor Works Projects to Electrification Projects to Network Refurbishment Projects.

Platform Design

We have completed various Platform Design projects. These projects involve the design of platforms whereby we apply user specified data to DTM models, which include platform size, platform slope, cut/fill slopes. We are able to optimise the cut-fill ratios and generate Setting-out data for use in construction of the platform. Municipality.

Ground Control Surveys for Lidar

We have carried out many Ground Control Surveys for Lidar and Photogrammetric projects throughout South Africa and Africa. We have visited sites in Tanzania, Zambia, Guinea and Mozambique to name a few. These projects are normally extensive in nature and have involved placing control on proposed roads over 200km long, pipelines over more than 100km in length or new farmlands exceeding 20,000ha. Some projects also require concrete bench mark construction, which is a service we also supply in conjunction with the control survey.

GPR Surveys

A new element of survey we have recently be involved in is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys. We used GPR to locate underground services on a site. Although we don’t have extensive experience in this field as yet, we are planning to enter into this market more.

Farmland Berm Design for Water Run-off Management

We offer a Berm/Contour Design service whereby we design farmland contours using the very latest technology. Being formally trained as Engineering Surveyors, we are able to undertake accurate topographic surveys and design contour layouts to required specifications. Our services entail: measuring up the identified farmlands using high accuracy GPS equipment; we then generate a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from the surveyed data; using this DTM we then design contours as per the requirements of the Client. Once the design is ratified by the client, we then assist with setting out the contours for construction.

General GIS

We have been involved in various GIS projects. We have completed spatial analysis for District Municipalities whereby we determined suitable areas for various agricultural projects -which was incorporated into an Agricultural Development Plan. We have also completed simply cartographic tasks such as Site Plan compilation, digitizing land classification for use in a LUMS, property sales analysis maps, surface modelling and analysis for agricultural purposes etcMunicipality.

Data Capture: Project Management; Implementation and Presentation

We are able to implement and manage large field data capture projects. We have been involved in various data capture projects –the most prominent being the Department of Land Affairs: Labour Tenant project where Labour Tenant applicants had to be located, logged and compiled for processing.

CAD Draughting

We are able to offer draughting services. A major portion of our experience has been based in survey related draughting ie: detail plans, cadastral plans, rural line design plans.

Cadastral Land Audits

Our Land Audit service comprises the reconstruction of property beacon coordinates (using survey methods) and creating an accurate spatial cadastral dataset which reflects the current registrations as published by the Deeds Office’s property ownership database. Cadastral Land Audits are done under the supervision of a registered Professional Land Surveyor

Property Ownership Database Establishment and Maintenance

Due to the ever-changing nature of property ownership and registration, regular maintenance of a property register needs to be done. We are able to carry out the tasks in maintaining a property register. This maintenance has a two phase approach where both the property ownership database and the spatial datasets are updated on a monthly basis. surveyors.

Environmental Reporting: Analysis, Mapping and Presentations

Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Management Projects require significant input in terms of spatial presentation of the subject property. We are able to compile a portfolio of maps for these reports ranging from basic locality maps to detailed layout plans of a proposed site to the broad analysis of the suitability of planned developments.

Precision Farming: Chemical Analysis, Mapping and Presentations

One function of Precision Farming is the presentation of information relating to a particular piece of land. This information has normally been derived from samples collected in the field. For example, we are able to present the chemical composition of cultivated lands, once we have received the laboratory results of the soil samples taken in the field. We are also able to create the base data that can be used in the machinery that implements the precision, according to the recommendations stipulated by the precision specialist. We work in association with qualified agricultural specialists